AquaMon® SIMAT™ Surface Irrigation Monitor and Alert Technology

AquaMon Surface Irrigation Monitor:

SIMAT Surface Irrigation Monitor and Alert Technology

The AquaMon SIMAT system improves the efficiency and reduces the environmental impact of surface irrigation. SIMAT employs a temporary wireless sensor network to monitor water flow in the field. The wireless network includes a hub and multiple wireless sensor nodes installed within 2 miles of the hub. The sensor nodes report the presence of water at the hub. The hub transmits the sensor data to Cermetek’s RSVP (Remote Sensor Viewing Platform) web software. RSVP allows workers to monitor water levels at critical locations with any browser equipped tablet, laptop, or smart phone. When the water reaches a preset critical level, RSVP sends a Text or Email to notify the grower to shut off the water source.

Surface water sensing technology developed and tested by researchers at UC Davis and transferred to Cermetek through a Sustainable AgTech Innovation grant.

Surface Irrigation Monitor Specifications

  • The Hub connects to the Internet through a GSM or CDMA Cellular connection
  • A proprietary Cermetek radio with a range of up to 2 miles links Sensor Nodes to the Hub
  • The Hub supports up to 255 sensor nodes. Typical systems require just 3 to 4 nodes
  • A 12 Volt, Lead-Acid Battery powers the Hub; AC Adapters and Solar Chargers are available
  • Sensor Nodes are powered by 4 AA batteries that typically last the entire irrigation season

SIMAT water levels node

Benefits of Surface irrigation Monitor

  • Tighter control of water reduces water use and tail-water discharge
  • Ability to view data on a web browser eliminates trips to the field, reducing labor costs
  • Portability; use one system in many fields
  • Grower controls placement of sensors and defines alert notifications

above: Sample RSVP Display

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